5th February 2011

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the sweetest, most soul filled man.

last night was definitely the best night of the year, but perhaps even the best ive ever had.

two of my close friends and i drove to provo utah yesterday to see our favourite artist.


this man has so much hurt, so much passion, so much soul seeping out of him its uncanny. he is one of those people that has such an incredible gift that there is no way to not disregard it.

he is able to sing what most of us feel but can not express.

i am sure it is a hard burden to bare, but its also a blessing. hearing him sing last night with all that passion and emotion makes me want to reach out and give him a hug.

i have such high respect for this man.

he is SO honest, but yet he also wants to be a normal guy. wouldnt it be awesome to be considered one of his friends? to walk with him, talk about music, life, dreams.

he is an inspiring man.

after the concert, we waited around a little while to see if hed come out and sign his merchandise. HE DID.

we got to talk with him for a few minutes, and he was everything i expected and more. he is totally himself in those interviews ive seen online. he is gentle. caring. sweet. compassionate. he has such a soul (and i thanked him for it!)

he was impressed that wed driven so far to see him, and thanked us for it.

he isnt a normal guy because he cares about people!

so thank you joshua. thank you for being yourself. for making music that helps others get through their troubled times. thank you for being a gentleman. keep searching, He is there. Have faith in the person you so often sing about. HE IS REAL.



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